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Never Been Better by Aimee

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The house was dark. With a single yellow glow coming from the upper corner window. No cars in the driveway, which she took as a good sign. She remembered what he’d said about everyone being out of town, and hesitated to walk up to the door. Taking one step at a time, she eventually reached her destination. She raised her hand to knock, but froze a few inches away. Afraid to do what obviously came next, her fingers curled into a fist, as if she needed to knock out the door first. Taking a deep breath, she rapped twice on the door and waited for him to answer. The light in the upper bedroom went off. At first, causing her to wonder if he was purposely ignoring her, until she saw another light come on. Most likely a hall light. She heard the thumping as he came down stairs. There was still time to run...The door swung open, greeting her to bloodshot eyes, and a confused smile. Her heart beat faster as she watched him open the screen door and invite her in. His voice low and gruff, yet tender. God, he couldn’t possibly know how long she’d waited to hear it again. It’d only been a few hours, if that, since she last saw him. She’d missed him so much. Something was wrong with that, and she knew exactly what that something was.

She loved Pacey Witter.


She snapped from her reverie, shaking her head a little. "Yeah?"

"Are you okay?" He asked, his face full of genuine concern.

Her heart fluttered. "I’m fine. Thanks." She gazed into his eyes, as if they were some mystical key to his soul and everything he was thinking.

"Do you wanna come in then?"

"Oh. Thanks." She pushed through the small space he’d provided between the outside world and the screen door, and admired the cozy house. "Geeze Pacey, I always pictured you living in a shack the way you describe this place." The blue pastel walls held family portraits of his older siblings and their parents, but none of himself. "Where are you in all those?"

He shrugged. "At school." Joey looked confused. "They’d have them taken while I was at school. Because that way.." He swallowed, and looked at a random portrait. "..that way Dad wouldn’t have to consider me as one of the family."

Joey’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to do that to their own child. Then hanging them in his face, as if it was some kind of reminder that he didn’t belong there. And here Joey was wanting to jump him.

His brown puppy dog eyes, sexy paint infested dockers...oh it would’ve been a sweet hell. However, She did have some restraint, and no matter how much they both would’ve enjoyed it..now was a time to be serious. He finally was opening his feelings to her, and there was no way she’d offend him by screaming ‘Take me now!’ and jumping into his arms. That would just be wrong.

"Oh my god, I’m so sorry Pacey." He shrugged it off and muttered.

"What can you do? That’s my family for you."

She walked over to him, wrapping her arms around his waist and holding on as if he were her only chance for survival, which sometimes she felt he was. He embraced her back, breathing heavily when she pulled away.

"What brought you here anyway?" He had every right to know, but it seemed insulting. Wasn’t she welcome without having a reason? She ignored her selfish thoughts.

"Actually, I...well I have something I need to say. You have time?"

He smiled. "Always."

Damn him for being such a romantic. It was going make it even harder. Compared to him, she was terrible with words. Especially expressing her feelings about love, and all that other mush.

She took a deep breath. "Okay." Exhaled. "I think...I’m ready."

A coy grin came across his face. "Potter... You love me."

Her eyes became the size of ping pong balls. "I most certainly do not!"

"You don’t..." He faked a pout, but she saw it in his eyes. He knew.

Two could play at this game. "Nope," she crossed her arms against her chest and cocked her head to one side. "I don’t love you at all."

"Mkay. Then why are you here."

Damn. "Um, because... I needed to.. borrow sugar. Yeah."

He licked his lips, and nodded. "Sugar, huh?"

She nodded in response.

"Alright...I got sugar." Before she could protest, he grasped her by the cheeks and pulled her lips to his own. She parted hers, excepting his. He was so soft, so gentle. It made her feel like a million dollars, and when he stopped she wanted much more.

He watched her in amusement as she blinked rapidly trying to get back to reality. "I have plenty of sugar." He whispered softly into her ear. "and all you gotta do to get it is say four little words."

"I want more please?"

"Four other words."

She pulled at her bottom lip with her teeth, wishing his lips were back on hers. She knew what he meant, and she knew the words he wanted to hear were true.

"I love you Pacey Witter. I truly do. You’re the only person in my entire life that’s ever showed me the amount of trust, care, and respect that I feel I need. You’re always there when I need a shoulder, and especially today...I can’t even begin to describe how important you being there for me was today. Holding my hand, crying with me, keeping me sane...I owe you my life for everything you’ve done, Witter. Right now, I’m hoping my love will be enough. "

His eyes lit up, and for a moment he sat staring like a little boy who got everything he wanted for Christmas. After a few moments, he cleared his throat and tugged at the collar of his shirt. "Well, that’s like forty more words than I expected...so I dunno, Potter..."

She reached up and pulled him into a deepening kiss. As he started taking control, she let herself sag against him. Raking her hands through his hair...wanting him even closer. She moaned, finding his tongue suddenly slip into the warmth of her mouth. He rubbed it against hers, giving her an even more sensational feeling. Obviously, that wasn’t all he wanted to do, because Pacey didn’t plan on stopping. He lifted her up, hinting that he wanted her legs around his waist, which she quickly obeyed.

Without any notice, Pacey pulled away. Leaving Joey wanting more, with swollen lips which she licked quickly. He advanced down her neck, gently nudging her head to one side so he could get better access at the space between her neck and shoulder. She gasped slightly as he started sucking on her freezing skin. His hands were magic as well, which somehow without her noticing, had slipped through the sides of her overalls and under her shirt. He rubbed her back, occasionally pulling her bra a bit...which she thought might be an attempt to get it undone.

"God, Joey, I’ve wanted this for so long..."

She closed her eyes, taking in as much as she could. "Pacey...I don’t know--"

Small moan. "--how far I..."

Gasp. "...I want to go..."

He slipped one strap of her overalls to the side, along with a strap from the tank top she had beneath it.

"Just tell me when.." He mumbled between kisses. Slowly he ran his tongue along the crease between her neck and shoulder, ending up on the other side. He sucked softly at first, then harder. Wanting to take as much time to take as much of her body as he could at once, without taking her too far. She whimpered silently, which gave Pacey a turn on of his own.

Realizing she could move her hands too, she reached over his shoulders and pulled at his shirt until she had the majority of it in her hands. Slowly, making sure not to distract his tender kisses...she pulled it over his head, and threw it carelessly to the floor. Meanwhile, he’d done the same to her other overall and tank top straps. Her overalls fell to her side, pulling the tank top with them. He cupped her breasts in his hands, and kissed them gently through the fabric of her bra.

"Joey ... Do you want to st--"

"No." She managed to mumble, releasing her legs from his waist. She placed her hands on his chest, wrapping what chest hair he had between her fingers. She moved her hands up and down his chest, studying it as she went. She wanted to remember everything.

He grabbed her hands, and laid down on the couch, pulling her on top of him. Her skin against his, making her only more aroused than before. He cupped her hands then kissed them, as if blessing her to do what was her will, and let go. She smiled, taking his back in hers. She sat on top of him on the non-spacious couch, moving his hands behind her back, meaning to have him unclasp her bra. He gave her a questioning look, figuring that was farther than she wanted to go.

"Are you sure?"

"No, do it anyway."

He let go, and moved his hands to her face. "Not until you’re ready." Her heart didn’t argue, although her hormones were sure getting a word or two in. He kissed her. A short and sweet kiss, and nodded her down by him. She laid against his chest, like earlier, snuggling into the smell that she would know now as him. He kissed the top of her head, and held her. In all this perfection, he sensed something wrong.

"Are you okay?"

"You’re disappointed with me aren’t you." Her voice trembled, as if she was trying to keep from crying.

Disappointed? God, he was no where near it. "Hell no. Joey, I love you. I can wait as long as you want. Okay?" She nodded. "Besides, I didn’t expect you to go all the way through with it tonight."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" She muttered exhaustingly. He could help but chuckle.

"It means ... that I didn’t expect you to sleep with me on our first date. If you call this a date."

"I don’t. What if I had ... slept with ... you?" There she went again. With the defensive come backs, and what if this or that’s. If he didn’t love her so much, she’d drive him crazy.

"Well then I’d love you anyway, Jo. You know that." She nodded, took a deep breath and yawned.

"I love you too." She whispered.

"You okay now?"

He was so sweet, his pure concern over the littlest things. "Yeah, Never been better." He smiled, which must have meant it was the answer he was hoping for.

"You can’t possibly know how fucking tired I am." She mumbled, cuddling into his arms.

"I heard I have that effect." She didn’t respond, because Josephine Potter had fallen asleep in his arms. Pacey smirked, and kissed her once last time before closing his own eyes and falling asleep.

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high
as you can into the wild blue
set me free I pray
closer to heaven above
and closer to you
closer to you.

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