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Sweet Surrender by Aimee

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Baby you don't know,
what you do to me.
Between me and you,
I feel a chemistry.
Won't let no one
come and take your place.
Cause the love you give
can't be replaced.
See no one else
loves me like you do.
That's why I want to spend
my life with you.
Wanna please you
in anyway I can.
Wanna share my world
don't you understand.
Your love is a one in a million
it goes on and on and on
you give me a really good feelin’
all day long.

"One In A Million"
- Aaliyah

"Bye Jo, Thanks for staying..."
"Anytime Pace." Joey replied with a tired smile, and walked outside. Pacey shut the door silently and leaned against it with a small sigh. It was 8:30 am, he was so tired. But yet he couldn’t even think of going to sleep. He didn’t want to sleep.
Joey, she had been so supportive. Pacey chuckled remembering when she had first come in, all screaming and yelling at him. Then she loosened up, and let him talk. Underneath flaming Josephine Potter there was a kindred soul after all. A soul that understood everyone. It just never got itschance.
He smiled, and walked out into the kitchen. ‘What a night it had been’, he thought, pulling a carton of milk out of the refrigerator. Who ever thought he and Joey could sit in the same room for more than an hour without having their spats...Let alone talk to each other for more than an hour.
He poured a glass of milk and set it on the table. ‘Doug and Dad would be home soon,’ he thought totally going off subject, with a disgusted frown. The idea of them coming home scared the shit out of him. The whole house was a mess, and he wasn’t in the mood to clean it. Pacey grabbed his glass of milk and poured it down the sink. He made a grab at his key’s that were lying on the counter, and went out the door.
There was something he had to do.

"Hey Jo, Did you and Dawson have a good movie night?"
"What --...Oh, yeah. Movie night. It was fun." Joey bit her lip and shut the front door behind her. She had just gotten home, when she walked in, she had found herself face to face with a half awake Bess. "So what are you doing up Bess? Alex is asleep, shouldn’t you be taking advantage by catching some z’ s?"
"Everytime I try to sleep he wakes up, so what’s the point?"
Joey chuckled as Bessie wobbled into the bathroom and shut the door. She could barely keep her eyes open. But yet she didn’t want to try to sleep. Stubborn Potters...
She massaged her face with her hands and went to lie down on the pull-out couch, in other words, her bed. As she shut her eyes, images of Pacey flew in. Startled Joey jumped off the bed, tripping over her own feet, and landed with a thud on the floor. The bathroom door flew open, as Alex let out a loud cry.
"Jo are you ok?" Bessie asked and gave Joey her hand to help her up.
"Yeah I just...tripped over...uhm...something."
Bessie chuckled and went to tend Alex.
"Why did Pacey just pop into my head," Joey mumbled questionably to herself. Last night had been so...well weird. It had to of been the most she and Pacey had talked civilly in the last five years. She must just be thinking of him because they spent such a long time together. That was heranswer.
Knowing she was wrong, Joey went back out the door. She had some things to straighten out with Pacey.

10 minutes later, Bessie wandered back out into the living room, with Alex in her arm.
"Hey Joey, I was thinking...Joey?"
Noticing her kid sister wasn’t in the house, Bessie shrugged. She had probably gone back over to Dawson’s. Not a big problem. A small ring of the telephone disturbed Bessie’s thoughts.

"Hello?" she spoke at the caller.
"Hey Bessie, Is Joey up yet?"
"Actually she just left...but Dawson why wouldn’t she be up? She came home from your house and we talked for a bit and then she left again."
"Wait, back up Bess...She came home from my house? She told me she had to work last night.."
"Whoa, So you mean she didn’t go to your house at all last night?"
"No...Well Yeah, she was here for a little while. She left around 9 o’ clock."
"Ok, Thanks Dawson. I’ll tell her to call you when she gets home."
"Ok. Bye"

Dawson hung up the phone and stared out the window. ‘Where are you Jo?’ he wondered to himself. He sat down on the bed and began a long morning full of worry.

Bessie sighed and hung up the phone. She would have plenty of questions to ask Joey when she came home...Plenty of questions.

The chilling wind made Pacey force his hands deep into his coat pockets. He didn’t really know where he was going. He just knew that he had to go somewhere, anywhere, but home. He tried to think of whether Andie would be up, he could go and try to make peace again. Although, a part of him didn’t want to.
It was the strangest thing he had ever known. Not wanting to get back together with Andie? It just didn’t say ‘Pacey’ on it. And this...this scared the shit out of him. If he couldn’t love Andie, who could he love?
With a look up from the sidewalk, Pacey knew he had found his answer.
"So uhm...Have you talked to Andie?"
Pacey shook his head. "No, I can’t Jo, I just don’t have the heartanymore."
Joey paused to take a good look at her friend that stood before her. Andie had been the one girl Pacey Witter truly loved, but he didn’t have the heart to try and make things right with her? There was something up with this...
"What do you mean Pace?"
"I think..." Pacey took a breath and looked Joey in the eyes. "I think I’m in love with someone else."
Joey darted her eyes away to the nearest thing that caught her attention. Pacey? In love with someone else...But who?
Deep in her heart, Joey knew she already had the answer.

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