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Sweet Surrender by Aimee

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You tell me you’re in
love with me
Like you can’t take
your pretty eyes away
from me
It’s not that I don’t
want to stay
But every time you
come to close
I move away
I wanna believe in
everything that you say
Cause it sounds
so good

- Britney Spears

"Pacey..." Joey paused. What if she wasn’t right? What if she wasn’t the one he was in love with. ‘Not only will it hurt...I’ll be really embarrassed.’ She thought. As if on cue, Pacey spoke,
"Jo, I think you know who it is." He said quietly.
Joey smiled and looked Pacey in the eye. "I think I love you too..."
His eyes went wide with his smile. "Seriously? Oh my god Jo, no way!"
He swept Joey up in his arms and spun around. She laughed as he set her back down. "Pacey what the hell are we doing?"
"I have no clue!" He said excitedly, giving Joey a soft kiss on the cheek. He smiled as the next words came out of his mouth. "I just know I’m in love you."
"Wait...You’re in love with me Pacey...?"
"Joey, I know what you’re thinking...but I am. I have been for... longer than I can remember!"
"But Pacey, the relationship between us before last night could barely have been called a friendship...and now you’re in love with me?"
Love doesn’t need time Joey, it needs the right person."
"Joey, please, just for once...Believe me. I’m so in love with you...I would kill for you."
Joey gave a half smile, "I have this sudden desire for you Witter...And its starting to scare me, but I’m slowly being convinced it will be alright." She smiled softly and returned his kiss from just moments ago.
"Josephine Potter, After all these years that I’ve waited for you...and that ’s the best kiss you can give?" Pacey replied sarcastically, and winced as Joey punched him softly in the stomach.
"Pacey...Sweetheart...I don’t like that name. It makes me sad. You don’t want me sad do you?" Joey whispered the last words playfully, and gave Pacey the most passionate kiss she thought she could. Pulling apart she smiled, seeing Pacey’s satisfied face.
"Ahh...Now that was worth waiting for."
He wrapped his arms around her as she laughed at his remark. The day had barely started, and already he knew...it was the best one of his life.

Andie paced back and forth in her bedroom. Why wasn’t he calling? Why was this different from the other times they had ‘broke up’. She just didn’t understand. Usually Pacey would call her at precisely 10am the next morning, they’d make up, then plan to get together later that day. But it was -- Andie glanced at the digital clock next to her bed ...11am now.
"Should I call him, for a change?" she mumbled quietly to herself. "Or should I give him another hour or so...Another hour or so. I think I’ll do that."
With a stressed sigh, Andie sat down on the bed and watched the clock.

Pacey clenched Joey’s hand tight in his own, as they walked down the sidewalk in downtown Capeside. It had been a great day. He hadn’t thought about Andie once...until now, but it had been a great day. He glanced over at Joey and smiled. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I love you Jo."
"I love you too Pacey." Joey replied with a smile. "Well look at that..." she mumbled, referring to a slightly torn banner that was taped in a store window. Pacey read the sign silently and chuckled. "Can you believe that?...Capeside High is having a dance tonight, and we didn’t know shit about it."
"Well..." Joey said slyly. "We could always surprise everyone, and go to the..."
"Wait Jo, Are you actually thinking about going to one of these things? Don’t you remember last time?"
"Very well thank you...I’m just saying. Well Pacey, C’mon. I’m sure we’d be ok. Knowing Dawson, he’s moping over Jen in his room, and Jen? She’s at some club with that religious freak. Jack..." Joey paused and took a deep breath. "Jack’s probably still debating on whether he should actually do the next assignment in English."
Pacey gave a half smile and continued with the one person Joey left out.
"And Andie...She’ll probably --" He cut himself short. What would Andie do? She wouldn’t go to the dance by herself. That was certain. Joey, noticing Pacey’s lack of speech...sarcastically continued for him.
"She’ll probably run away with some underwear model...Don’t worry Pace, She’ ll give you a call soon." Pacey smirked and stepped infront of Joey.
"Not that it matters, but Andie’s more the boxer type..."
"And how would you....Oh. Ok. Too Much Info...." Joey put her hands over her eyes and shook her head, laughing at the same time.
"Awh C’mon Jo, You mean to tell me your not a boxer’s fan?"
"Pace, that’s a subject I have no experience in."
Pacey smiled and put his arms around her waist.
"Don’t worry, you will."
Joey laughed. "And what’s that supposed to mean, is it a threat?"
"No..." Pacey replied. Looking deep into her eyes he continued. "That’s a promise."
For once in her life, Joey Potter was speechless. Luckily enough, Pacey continued to talk.
"So we are going to that Dance tonight then right?"
Joey smiled and pressed her nose against his. "I promise."

**Later that Night **

"So Pace, you’re picking me up at 8 then?"
"Yeah is that ok?" "Ok, I’ll see you later then, Love you."
"I - I love you too."
"Bye Pace..."
Joey sighed and clicked off the phone. Outside it was lightly snowing...Joey gave her half-smile towards the phone and walked over to the kitchen window. She watched the light snow hit the pavement and disappear. Was she making the right choice? It had only been a couple days, and she had already told him ‘ I love You ‘...It had taken her 10 years to tell Dawson those words. Joey held her arms against her stomach, with her outer hand she rubbed her forearm.
"It’s ten below zero outside, and we have no heat...figures" she mumbled to herself while walking over to the little heater that was placed on the counter by the kitchen light switch. She flipped it on and sighed with relief for the instant wave of heat.
She smiled softly, as she remembered words that were said to her just a few hours before.
"Love doesn’t need time Joey, it needs the right person."
Somehow repeating them to herself made everything feel better. At least it did for now.

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