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After trying to reach Kilby through various e-mail addresses (to ask for her permission to archive her stories) without any luck and only getting error messages as a result, I stumbled across some website that taught me that Kilby passed away in 2004 after her battle against Lupus.

Since I always loved her stories I crawled back in time - thanks to the wayback machine - trying to save the wonderful fanfics Kilby had written over the years.

I don't intent to steal, but to honor her work!

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Stories by Kilby

Remembering to forget by Kilby

Rated: M (R-16) • 0 Reviews
Summary: After telling Dawson she never wanted to see him again, Joey finds a kindred spirit in Pacey Witter, who's trying to find answers to his own problems. How far will things go when they try to forget?

Serendipity by Kilby

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Serendipity: Luck, or good fortune in finding something accidentally. Pacey is working as a bartender in Puerto Rico, desperate to let his life go numb. He wants to let go of everything in his past, but is forced to confront it when he finds Joey is vacationing at the hotel where he works.

Analyse eines Mordes by Kilby

Rated: M (R-16) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Interview eines Mörders.

Liebe mich nicht by Kilby

Rated: T (PG-13) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Als Joey endlich zu Pacey kommt, um ihm zu sagen, dass sie ihn liebt, ist er sich nicht sicher, ob er sich darauf einlassen soll. Er fühlt sich noch nicht in der Lage zu lieben oder geliebt zu werden.