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7.03 - Ready For A Fall by BeatrizRC, Eden, Christy, Kimberley, Renae

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Joey attends a social gathering with co-workers and Pacey is still fighting with problems at The Icehouse. Meanwhile, Dawson has the opportunity to help Samantha further her career as he prepares himself to moveto New York. Jack decides to take action and visits a lawyer about his parental rights and an unexpected guest shows up at his door.

7.02 - What Lies Beneath by Eden, Deb, Shelly

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: In the second half of the season premiere, Dawson and Joey part in Los Angeles, resuming their lives on separate coasts; Joey comes home to some unexpected and disturbing news while Dawson spends a night out with co-workers. Pacey seeks advice from his family on his career opportunity; Doug and Jack contemplate the idea of co-habitating.

Gone for good by Nadia

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Eigentlich sollte für die Clique nun eine fröhliche Zeit beginnen, denn endlich gehen sie auf‘s College, doch es kommt völlig anders als erwartet.

Promises by Anna Lena

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: 5 Jahre nachdem sich Andie, Jen und Joey sich auf Jens Nicht-Geburtstagsparty geschworen haben, sich in 5 Jahren wieder zu treffen, machen sie ihr versprechen wahr und treffen sich.

We'll miss you by Anna Lena

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Wie hätte die Beerdigung von Jen ausgesehen?

7.01 - The Way Things Are by BeatrizRC, Deb, Jessica

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: The threads of their lives draw apart and weave together in new and familiar patterns in this season of Dawson's Creek. In the first half of the season premiere, Joey visits Dawson and observes his ascent in Hollywood firsthand and Dawson's filmmaking dreams become a reality; while Pacey reaches a crossroads in his career and personal life. In Capeside, Jack and Doug struggle with parenthood and the beautiful legacy that Jen has left behind.

Wahrheit, oder ...? by julianna2luv

Rated: K+ (PG) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Pacey muss eine Wette einhalten und J ... emand küssen.