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Joey Potter


This Year's Paris by Pilar

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Taking place directly after the Season Three finale, Pacey and Joey sail off into the sappy sunset and find out about 'True Love'.

Book One: Grounded by Kilby, Kerry

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Two lovers on a journey as long as from the earth to the moon ...

After all is said and done by Kilby

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: What if Joey was more hurt than she was willing to admit when she saw Dawson and Eve together at the Homecoming pep rally? What if Pacey looked to heal his wounds after he let Andie go? How do new-found friends quickly cross the lines to something more when they're just looking to ease their pain?

Remembering to forget by Kilby

Rated: M (R-16) • 0 Reviews
Summary: After telling Dawson she never wanted to see him again, Joey finds a kindred spirit in Pacey Witter, who's trying to find answers to his own problems. How far will things go when they try to forget?

Serendipity by Kilby

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Serendipity: Luck, or good fortune in finding something accidentally. Pacey is working as a bartender in Puerto Rico, desperate to let his life go numb. He wants to let go of everything in his past, but is forced to confront it when he finds Joey is vacationing at the hotel where he works.

7.04 - What Can Never Be by BeatrizRC, Eden, Elyse

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Dawson is getting used to his new place in New York and is full of expectations, anticipating the moment he can start working in the new project. Pacey and Joey ultimately face the state of their romantic relationship, making a resolution about it. Meanwhile in Capeside, Jack and Grams confronts Jen's mother about her intentions with Amy.

7.10 - Die Büchse der Pandora by Nadia, Anna Lena

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Andie gibt sich alle Mühe, Ashley abzulenken solange Justin beruflich unterwegs ist. Derweil plant Pacey ein romantisches Abendessen, um erneut um Joeys Hand anzuhalten, doch diese steht vor der wohl schwersten Entscheidung ihres Lebens.
Während all dem beginnt Jack immer wieder Jen zu sehen und sich an ihre Rückkehr zu gewöhnen.

The Time Of Our Life by Jewel

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Meine Auffassung, wie es nach der 4. Staffel hätte weiter gehen müssen.

7.09 - Was im Leben zählt by Mona, Jessy

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Andie, die noch unter der vermeintlichen Trennung von Sasha leidet, entdeckt, dass sie noch Gefühle für Pacey hat. Pacey hat derzeit allerdings eigene Sorgen und lässt nichts unversucht, seine Beziehung zu Joey zu retten.

7.08 - Blick in die Vergangenheit by Anna Lena, Jewel

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Doug ist sich seinen Gefühlen für Jack ziemlich sicher, doch was ist der nächste Schritt? Derweil besucht Andie die Clique mal wieder um sich abzulenken, riskiert dabei einen Blick in die Vergangenheit und hilft einer Person damit. Joey und Pacey haben sich derweil noch immer nicht geeinigt.