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A Summer of Friendship and Love by Anna Lena

Rated: K (G) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Ich habe mich gefragt, was in dem Sommer zwischen der 2. und 3. Staffel alles hätte passieren können ...

A Whisper on the Wind by Kilby

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: In this vignette based on Christopher Pike's 'Remember Me', Joey Potter is forced to deal with the unthinkable - her own death.

After all is said and done by Kilby

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: What if Joey was more hurt than she was willing to admit when she saw Dawson and Eve together at the Homecoming pep rally? What if Pacey looked to heal his wounds after he let Andie go? How do new-found friends quickly cross the lines to something more when they're just looking to ease their pain?

Analyse eines Mordes by Kilby

Rated: M (R-16) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Interview eines Mörders.

Amy by Susanne F

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Die 15 jährige Amy hat plötzlich ein Problem damit, von einem schwulen Paar aufgezogen zu werden ...

A Close Shave by couplesdc

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 0 Reviews
Summary: A lot of fun with naked Pacey! Not the kind of fun you think ... you pervert! :)

Amnesia by Adrienne

Rated: M (R-16) • 2 Reviews
Summary: Joey is abducted from her dorm room and is now presumed dead.

An Evening as a Telepath by Anna Lena

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Was passiert, nachdem Pacey sich ins Bett gelegt hat?

Amazed by Aimee

Rated: K (G) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Without a thought of her reaction, he bent over and gently kissed her forehead.

A First Time For Everything by Joey

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 0 Reviews
Summary: A chance meeting one rainy night leads to more ...