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Riverdance: Creek Style by Aislinn

Rated: MA (NC-17) • 0 Reviews
Summary: The dancing doesn't lie ...

Remembering to forget by Kilby

Rated: M (R-16) • 0 Reviews
Summary: After telling Dawson she never wanted to see him again, Joey finds a kindred spirit in Pacey Witter, who's trying to find answers to his own problems. How far will things go when they try to forget?

Ready to Fall by Abbey L

Rated: K+ (PG) • 1 Reviews
Summary: This takes place right after 3.16 To Green, With Love

Resolutions by Nadia

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Joey und Pacey m├╝ssen ihrem besten Freund Dawson etwas gestehen ...