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When the Silver Moon by Alex

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: This story is from Jen's point of view as she contemplates what happened the night of Dawson's surprise birthday party.

Where Angels Fear To Tread by Kilby

Rated: K+ (PG) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Christmas is a time for miracles, and for Joey it becomes a learning experience. She's visited by an Angel who has a lot to show her and teach her. He tries to prepare her for the challenges that lie ahead.

When I Get Older by Abby

Rated: K (G) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Childhood memories ...

We'll miss you by Anna Lena

Rated: T (PG-13) • 0 Reviews
Summary: Wie hätte die Beerdigung von Jen ausgesehen?

Wahrheit, oder ...? by julianna2luv

Rated: K+ (PG) • 1 Reviews
Summary: Pacey muss eine Wette einhalten und J ... emand küssen.